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Birthdate:Dec 29
"Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say,
"In this world, Elwood, you must be" - she always
called me Elwood - "In this world, Elwood, you must
be oh so smart or oh so pleasant." Well, for years
I was smart. I recommend pleasant."

"I learnt the difference between a fine oil painting,
and a mechanical thing, like a photograph. The
photograph shows only the reality. The painting shows
not only the reality, but the dream behind it. It's
our dreams, doctor, that carry us on. They separate
us from the beasts. I wouldn't want to go on living
if I thought it was all just eating, and sleeping,
and taking my clothes off, I mean putting them on... "


Most importantly, I try not to take myself too seriously. I laugh at myself long and hard, frequently. You're invited to join in. 8-)

this is probably the best way for you to keep up with what i'm up to with art, so if you feel like adding me so you can know what i'm up to, be my guest. this is also where you should come to if you want to hear (well, read) me just crap on about rubbish.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games
i have a meez. this means i am a real and valid person now! huzzah!

aaand my webpage for art is here:

The Ugly Goat

and lastly:

lolcats funny cat pictures

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