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toeknuckles ([personal profile] toeknuckles) wrote2010-07-24 08:04 am


Well, I'm home again.

Please do tell me all your interesting news I missed while I was gone! I'll try to catch up on things here and there, but to be honest, a month away from the computer here = what seems like years of catch up. Indeedy.

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hooray! i actually had a total mental block and forgot that you were travelling, so while you were away i was all: u__u

0ubliette digest:

-photos from massachusetts trip last week:

-still on the unstoppable pastry train

-feelin' pretty alright

-it's hot as butt here.

-that is all

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I was thinking of you and your doughnuts while I was away. I really hope that works out well! Mmm....pastry